About Sherline...



Ron Sher, owner of Sherline Australia with the late

Joe Martin, founder of Sherline Products Inc.

in front of the Craftsmanship Museum in Vista, Calif. USA

Joseph H. Martin—

December 3, 1934–February 12, 2014

Joe Martin passed away February 12, 2014 aged 79.

Joe's far-sighted management of the company leaves it with a clear direction for future product support and development. The staff will continue his tradition of making high quality product in the USA and offering the best possible customer support.

In 1972 Ron Sher founded Sherline Products, manufacturing the 3” miniature lathe in Melbourne. A year later Joe Martin became the first international distributor for Sherline. Joe incorporated Sherline Products, Inc and commenced manufacturing Sherline components. He made significant design alterations to suit the American and world markets.

Today Sherline Products, Inc. manufactures a complete line of miniature lathes, vertical milling machines and machining accessories. There are now CNC-ready versions of each of these models plus a complete CNC mill system.

All products are manufactured in Vista, California, USA. In addition, Sherline also makes products for other applications such as estimating weight using simple, inexpensive hydraulic scales.

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