The Sherline range of tabletop machine tools





























The manual machines shown above illustrate some of the range that Sherline makes. CNC versions are also available.

These are serious tools capable of working with soft materials like wax, wood, plastic, and hard materials like aluminium, brass, steel, stainless steel, and titanium.

Designed with rigidity in mind and built to very tight tolerances, these are highly capable machines that are compact in size and offer high value at relatively low cost.






                                                    NEW for owners of Sherline Mills!!!!

                       Part No. 5090 Mill Accordion Way Cover Set Only $97.75


                                                            The P/N 5090 way cover set bolts right on to your Sherline 5000/5400 or 2000-series mill requiring no holes to be drilled.


           About the mill way cover set...  A good way to keep chips and coolant off your Y-axis leadscrew. The rear cover simply slips over the column.

             The front plate set is held in place with another spring that wraps under the stepper motor mount (CNC machines) or under the handwheel thrust

             collar (Manual machines). The two inner plates are held against the saddle using two 4" long 10-32 bolts. A longer saddle lock thumbscrew is also

             provided to give your fingers room for adjustment with the long bolts in place. Installation takes only a few minutes.

   What is included...  Front and rear cover sets have the accordion plastic covers already riveted in place. Included are the front and rear cover set,

  two attachment bolts and locking nuts, two attachment springs (one already attached to the rear cover set, and an extra long saddle lock thumbscrew.