Joseph H. Martin—December 3, 1934–February 12, 2014

Sherline regrets to announce that the company's president Joe Martin passed away February 12, 2014. Joe was 79. Joe left a legal trust that specifies that his current management staff and experienced employees will continue to operate the Sherline factory and support its customers. Between them, Foreman Karl Rohlin, General Manager Charla Papp and Marketing Director Craig Libuse have a combined 112 years of experience working with Joe at Sherline Products. Joe's far-sighted management of the company leaves it in very sound financial condition and with a clear direction for future product support and development. You can count on us to continue his tradition of making a high quality product here in the USA and offering the best possible customer support. More about Joe can be found on the Sherline People page on this web site. There will be a private ceremony for Joe aboard his boat.     —Karl, Charla, Craig and the Sherline office staff and production craftsmen




























The manual machines shown above illustrate some of the range that Sherline makes. CNC versions are also available.

These are serious tools capable of working with soft materials like wax, wood, plastic, and hard materials like aluminium, brass, steel, stainless steel, and titanium.

Designed with rigidity in mind and built to very tight tolerances, these are highly capable machines that are compact in size and offer high value at relatively low cost.


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